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Woohoo! I’m a BarkBox affiliate! If you haven’t already heard of BarkBox, let me introduce you. BarkBox is a monthly box of goodies for your dog. Select your dog’s size, choose a plan (1, 3, or 6 months), and your dog will receive a monthly box with 4-6 products in it. Selected products include high-quality toys, treats, hygiene, and medical items.

When I first learned of BarkBox, my concern was that the quality of the products wouldn’t live up to my standards. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that treats come from the USA or Canada and chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Whenever possible, they are organic and are free of wheat, gluten, soy, corn, and fillers. (For more information on the safety of items included in BarkBox, visit Where are items made? Are they safe for my pup? in the BarkBox FAQ.)

On to the review! The friendly folks at BarkBox were nice enough to send Tad, Little Pants, and Olive a Small box to test. Here’s what they thought:

BarkBox Packaging

Cute packaging, but we can’t eat or play with that. Get to the good stuff!

BarkBox Opened

What’s in it? It smells good. A toy alligator! I like toys!

BarkBox Contents

Included in the Small September BarkBox:

A  stuffing-free toy alligator from Aussie Naturals
Tad (he’s the poodle mix) is the only one of my dogs who plays with toys, and he has definitely enjoyed having the alligator. Toys are for attempting to tear apart, and Tad had a few pieces torn off the alligator by the third day he had it. I’m glad this toy doesn’t have stuffing, but I’m not thrilled it has a rope inside of it. I’ve known way too many dogs who’ve had to have emergency surgery because of the rope toy they swallowed. With that said, it seems easy enough to throw away the rope piece once it’s torn out.

A package of Made in the USA Plato Duck Strips
I expected the duck strips to be duck jerky, but they’re not. They are more like duck biscuits.  I like this because it means I can break one up to share among all three dogs. The dogs give these two paws up!

A box of USDA Organic Dog Biscuits made by Wagatha’s out of Vermont
Wagatha’s Tuscan Pizza Dog Biscuits are shaped like small milk bones, but they’re a lot softer and less crumbly. The dogs liked these, too, but they don’t contain any meat. I was happy these are organic because they contain canola oil. Canola is one of the top GMO crops, something I want to keep out of my dogs’ diet.

A bottle of VetraCare liquid bandage
I haven’t had a cause to use this. Pants, the Yorkie, and Tad both have seasonal allergies that drive them crazy. I believe I could use this spray, along with hydrocortisone spray, on the spots they scratch to the point of scabbing to help them heal. The spray has an alcohol-free disinfectant and seals cuts and scrapes.


Thank you, BarkBox!

If you would like to sign up for BarkBox, click HERE and use promo code dogfriendlyindy to get 10% off your subscription.

UPDATE: Now you can use promo code DFI to get 1 FREE month added to your 3, 6, or 12 month BarkBox subscription. Click THIS LINK to take advantage of this promotion.

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    Another great dog gift box is PoochPax at

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    Thanks for the review & promo code! I just signed up! :-)

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