Monon Food Company

“Our kitchen features a rotisserie oven, where our meats are slowed-cooked and smoked. The Monon Food Company special rotisserie process provides tender juicy and flavorful dishes, that are at the heart of our signature smoked salmon wrap, BBQ ribs, pulled pork, and Italian sausage.Monon Food Company does not own a deep fryer and uses no hydrogenated oils in our cooking. We cook exclusively with extra-virgin olive oil, ensuring we produce the most flavorful and healthy food.  Our popular Tim’s Chipotle Fish Taco is made with tilapia fillets that are lightly seasoned and pan-fried in olive oil. We combine generous portions of fish with Monon’s own guacamole, salsa, chipotle mayo. We add some fresh-cut cabbage, and stuff that into two grilled tortillas.  It no wonder Tim’s Chipotle Fish Tacos are being called “ The Best Fish Tacos in Indy!””

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